What is Women’s Golf Day?

Now celebrating its 5th year, Women’s Golf Day is a collaborative effort by a dedicated team, golf management companies, retailers and golfing organizations and governing bodies all working together to Engage, Empower and Support girls and women through golf. This event allows for this simple and accessible platform to build a foundation and create a network to support the continuation of golf no matter what skill level or interest. Since 2016, WGD has been engaging participants from around the globe irrespective of race, religion, language, ethnicity, or geography and continues to see increase year after year. WGD encourages each location to have a charitable component. WGD has a global impact from collective grass roots local events.
The one-day, four-hour event, typically held the first Tuesday in June each year, will be moved to September 1, 2020 to allow for the pandemic closures. Women’s Golf Day is proud to offer a virtual option for our locations to engage consumers on the original Women’s Golf Day date of June 2, 2020.

What Kind of Event Should I Hold for Women’s Golf Day?

WGD was developed after researching and reviewing a number of important golf studies done around the world and beta testing the concept of the one-day four-hour experience that is a combination of equal parts golf and socializing. The idea on this day is to keep the focus of the day to short format, fun, light, inclusive and welcoming, a celebration rather than a competition.
For Virtual Women’s Golf Day on June 2, 2020 courses are encouraged to upload video content to their event location page. Content should be loaded before June 1, 2020. Videos and Photos can be added as well as links to your course social media locations. Please add your content in the comments section of your page. If you need assistance you can upgrade your listing to a Featured location and work with our team.
On September 1, 2020 the format of your Women’s Golf Day event should follow the one-day, four-hour experience. The first two hours offer two hours of lessons or play 9 holes. The second half is two hours of socializing that you can customize to your audience. The location decides if the event is public or private and if you charge a fee or not. We do ask that you keep you your location page details up to date so that your guests know what to expect.


First Two Hours – Golfing – Lessons or 9 Hole Play
(Suggested Time: 4-6pm for working women or during the day for moms or retired etc..)

Participants have the option of:

2 hours of lessons – One hour on the driving range and One hour chipping and putting


2 hours of play – A 9-hole scramble or play their own ball as long as the round can be completed in two hours

Second Two Hours – Social Component
(Suggested Time: 6-8pm if you are looking to attract the working groups)

Socializing, networking and distribution of information regarding lessons, league play, junior programs, golf and social activities your location hosts throughout the year and ways to get involved in golf. Please include as many people and organizations from your community that are involved with golf who can contribute to the event. In some locations there will be a speaker, women’s golf teams from the closest university or high school, corporate networking groups etc.


Four Hour Experience
(Suggested Time: 4-8pm for working ladies)

Up to four hours of basic instruction and lessons and socializing. Women and girls will rotate and try driving in the simulators or driving range and chipping and putting on the putting greens. Review basics like holding the club and set up position. Have a putting contest and a driving contest.
Socializing, networking and distribution of information regarding lessons, league play, junior programs and ways to get involved in golf. Please include as many people and organizations from your community that are involved with golf who can contribute to the event. In some locations there will be speakers, women’s golf teams from the closest university or high school, corporate networking groups etc.

I Registered as a Location Last Year. How do I Renew My Status for 2020?

Renewal is easy and only a few steps.

  1. Log into your existing account using your email address and password.
  2. Navigate to the “Subscriptions” tab on your main account page.
  3. Select the location you wish to renew and click “Renew Now” to add the location to your cart.
  4. Repeat as necessary for each location you are renewing.
  5. Click the cart icon, and check out.

That’s it! Thank you for joining us again for 2020.

I Lost/Don’t Remember My Account Password. What Should I do?

You can reset your password by selecting “forgot password” on the login page, or simply go here to begin the recovery process. If you are still having issues recovering your password, please email us at [email protected]

How do I Register as a Location?

Simply go to our registration page, select the level of membership that’s right for you, and fill out a short form about your location so we can add you as an official Women’s Golf Day location! If you have a promotion code you will be asked to provide it during the checkout process, after you have submitted the details for your location.

How do I Find My Nearest Participating Location?

You can find your nearest location by going to our locations directory, entering your address and clicking Update. This will display the nearest participating locations to what you have entered.

How Do I Upgrade from Official to Preferred?

If you would like to either upgrade from an Official Listing to a Preferred Listing, or downgrade from Preferred to Official, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.

Can I Hold My Women’s Golf Day on a Different Date?

Virtual Women’s Golf Day will occur on June 2, 2020. Please have your location’s details updated on the website before June 1.

For Women’s Golf Day’s new date of September 1, 2020: While we put most of our support behind the the planned September 1 date, and we want as many women to have access to the world of golf as possible, if your location is unable to hold their event on September 1st, that is not a problem. Locations who cannot participate on the official Women’s Golf Day, (typically the first Tuesday in June each year), can host their event the Friday, Saturday Sunday or Monday prior to Women’s Golf Day, in this case August 28 – September 1). They still must register with us and we encourage them to share the experience on the day they host the event as well as on the Tuesday with the rest of the world. By becoming a member and a listed location, you can put your date in your custom listing, and still have access to all of our media kit materials. Preferred members will also receive support from our team to make your Women’s Golf Day the best it can be!

Originally, the first Tuesday of June was selected to not compete with attention for professional tournaments, not compete with charity events that are usually held on Mondays, additionally many ladies leagues are already on Tuesdays. All of this also enables the golf industry and governing bodies to assist in getting behind and helping to grow this global event. We encourage locations to pick a time of day that will work for their participants and region. For working women later in the day and for others morning is best.

What’s the Difference Between Official and Preferred Locations?

The benefits of the Preferred Location include:

  • Featured status in our directory — your listing will be stylized differently than Official Location listings so as to be highlighted more prominently.
  • Email Promotion to WGD Mailing List — this is new for this year and is subject to available inventory. We have segmented our WGD participant mailing list by region, and will be explicitly mentioning Preferred Location listings in our email blasts based on those regions.
  • Profile Management — our team will manually review your listing (on our website) and provide content and graphical support if needed as well as provide feedback to optimize how your listing is presented.
  • Review Management — our team will manually review any testimonials or comments that users submit for your location on our website and will curate them for you to feature only the most positive attitudes.

We are not offering custom graphic design this year as part of the package.